Do you want to achieve greater relevance in your existing Muslim markets? Do you want to enter Muslim markets for the first time? Are you existing Muslim focused brand seeking to deepen your understanding of your current customer base?

Who I am

Layla Mandi,  is one of the very few Islamic Branding and Marketing experts in the world and will be indispensable in helping you build, improve and secure brand equity by navigating your team to achieve your growth goals with Muslim friendly marketing. 

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Why Layla Mandi

In recent years global marketers have excitingly theorized over the size of the Muslim Market and the importance of cracking it. Very few people have  personally conceptualized and successfully launched a brand specifically for the Muslim consumer-but Layla Mandi has

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Need Bespoke Marketing Advice?

Islamic Consumer Consultant offers tailored advice to any brand seeking to appeal to Muslim consumers today, whether you want to expand into a Muslim dominated country or your local Muslim consumer on Main St USA.

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You know there are growth opportunities for your business out there but do you know and understand the over 1 billion Muslim market and their US$2.1 trillion spending power?

There are about 1.8 billion Muslims around the world #untappedmarket